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Monthly Archives: January 2021

    Should I Wait for Lower Mortgage Interest Rates?

    By Raegan George | January 29, 2021

    Historically low mortgage rates are a big motivator for homebuyers right now. In 2020 alone, rates hit new record-lows 16 times, and the trend continued into the early part of this year. Many hopeful homebuyers are now wondering if they should put their plans on hold and wait for the lowest rates imaginable. However, the reality is,... Read More

    What To Consider When Hiring a Cleaning Service

    By Raegan George | January 27, 2021

    Sometimes house upkeep can be a stressful addition to your to-do list. If you are having trouble keeping the house clean, it might be time to delegate those tasks to someone else. House cleaning can be extremely time-consuming, so hiring a cleaning service can open up your schedule for things that are more important to... Read More

    4 Reasons People Are Buying Homes in 2021

    By Raegan George | January 25, 2021

    4 Reasons People Are Buying Homes in 2021 According to many experts, the real estate market is expected to continue growing in 2021, and it’s largely driven by the lasting impact the pandemic is having on our lifestyles. As many of us spend extra time at home, we’re reevaluating what “home” means and what we may... Read More

    Stop Waiting – Organize That Garage!

    By Raegan George | January 22, 2021

    If you are feeling a little overwhelmed every time you look into your garage because it has become a dumping ground for items that don’t have another home, it is time to start clearing and organizing to make the best use of your space. This can be a simple task if you go in with... Read More

    What Does 2021 Have in Store for Home Values?

    By Raegan George | January 20, 2021

    According to the latest CoreLogic Home Price Insights Report, nationwide home values increased by 8.2% over the last twelve months. The dramatic rise was brought about as the inventory of homes for sale reached historic lows at the same time buyer demand was buoyed by record-low mortgage rates. As CoreLogic explained: “Home price growth remained... Read More

    The Importance of Home Equity in Building Wealth

    By Raegan George | January 18, 2021

    Homeownership has always been the first rung on the ladder leading to household wealth. As Freddie Mac recently posted: “Homeownership has cemented its role as part of the American Dream, providing families with a place that is their own and an avenue for building wealth over time. This ‘wealth’ is built, in large part, through the creation of... Read More

    Is This the Year to Sell My House?

    By Raegan George | January 15, 2021

    If one of the questions you’re asking yourself is, “Should I sell my house this year?” consumer sentiment about selling today should boost your confidence in the right direction. Even with the current health crisis that continues to challenge our nation, Americans still feel good about selling a house. Here’s why. According to the latest Home Purchase Sentiment... Read More

    25 Cheap Ways To Upgrade Your Home

    By Raegan George | January 13, 2021

    1. Add some character and add texture to your walls with peel-and-stick wall panels. 2. Create a charming accent wall with peel-and-stick paper. 3. Upgrade your countertops to faux granite with a DIY paint kit instead of spending a fortune to replace it. 4. Reseal all those cracks in your tub and tile with caulking and make your bathroom look new again. 5. Update recess lighting... Read More

    End Your Homebuying Journey On A Good Note

    By Raegan George | January 11, 2021

    The homebuying experience can vary in length for everyone, but the ending should be smooth no matter how long (or short) it takes you to get to the finish line. Like with any process, there are some steps you can take to make the end much more seamless. One of the first things you can... Read More

    Four Expert Views on the 2021 Housing Market

    By Raegan George | January 7, 2021

    The housing market was a shining star in 2020, fueling the economic turnaround throughout the country. As we look forward to 2021, can we expect real estate to continue showing such promise? Here’s what four experts have to say about the year ahead. Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist, National Association of Realtors (NAR) “In 2021, I think rates will... Read More