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Monthly Archives: January 2022

    Why Inflation Shouldn’t Stop You from Buying a Home in 2022

    By DJ & Lindsey | January 31, 2022

    If you’re following along with the news today, you’re probably hearing a lot about record-breaking home prices, rising consumer costs, supply chain constraints, and more. And if you’re thinking about purchasing a home this year, all of these inflationary concerns are likely making you wonder if you should wait to buy. Investopedia explains that during a period of high inflation,... Read More

    Two Ways Homebuyers Can Win in Today’s Market

    By DJ & Lindsey | January 28, 2022

    If your goal is to purchase a home this year, you might be looking for any advantage you can get in today’s sellers’ market. While competition is still fierce for homebuyers, there are ways you can win and secure the home of your dreams, even in a hot market. Act Early and Save The earlier... Read More

    What’s Going To Happen with Home Prices This Year?

    By DJ & Lindsey | January 26, 2022

    After almost two years of double-digit increases, many experts thought home price appreciation would decelerate or happen at a slower pace in the last quarter of 2021. However, the latest Home Price Insights Report from CoreLogic indicates while prices may have plateaued, appreciation has definitely not slowed. The following graph shows year-over-year appreciation throughout 2021. December data has not yet... Read More

    Luxury Real Estate SOLD Jan 18th-24th

    By DJ & Lindsey | January 25, 2022

    January 18th-24th 2022 24711 Harbour View Dr Ponte Vedra Beach 5 Beds 7 Baths 6,785 sq/ft SOLD $3,500,000 128 Stadium Ct Ponte Vedra Beach 5 Beds 7 Baths 5,922 sq/ft SOLD $2,550,000 5 1st St St. Augustine 5 Beds 5 Baths 3,058 sq/ft SOLD $1,715,000 4061 Timuquana Rd Jacksonville 5 Beds 4 Baths 4,724 sq/ft... Read More

    Achieving the Dream of Homeownership

    By DJ & Lindsey | January 24, 2022

    Homeownership has long been considered the American Dream, and it’s one every American should feel confident and powerful pursuing. But owning a home is also a deeply personal dream. Our home provides us with safety and security, and it’s a place where we can grow and flourish. Today, we remember the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King,... Read More

    There Won’t Be a Wave of Foreclosures in the Housing Market

    By DJ & Lindsey | January 21, 2022

    When mortgage forbearance plans were first announced and the pandemic surged through the country in early 2020, many homeowners were allowed to pause their mortgage payments. Some analysts were concerned that once the forbearance program ended, the housing market would experience a wave of foreclosures like what happened after the housing bubble 15 years ago.... Read More

    Key Things To Avoid After Applying for a Mortgage

    By DJ & Lindsey | January 19, 2022

    Once you’ve found your dream home and applied for a mortgage, there are some key things to keep in mind before you close. It’s exciting to start thinking about moving in and decorating your new place, but before you make any large purchases, move your money around, or make any major life changes, be sure... Read More

    January 11-17 Luxury Sales

    By DJ & Lindsey | January 18, 2022

    January 11-17 2022 7776 Collins Grove Rd  Jacksonville 5 Beds 4 Baths 4,637 sq/ft SOLD $1,350,000 4682 Carlton Dunes Dr Fernandina Beach 4 Beds 4 Baths 3,046 sq/ft SOLD $2,800,000 625 Ocean Ave Fernandina Beach 3 Beds 2 Baths 2,949 sq/ft SOLD $1,740,000 133 Cross Branch Dr Ponte Vedra Beach 4 Beds 4.5 Baths 4,602... Read More

    5 Tips for Making Your Best Offer on a Home

    By DJ & Lindsey | January 17, 2022

    As a buyer in a sellers’ market, sometimes it can feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. When you’re ready to make an offer on a home, remember these five easy tips to help you rise above the competition. 1. Know Your Budget Knowing your budget and what you can afford is... Read More

    Expert Insights on the 2022 Housing Market

    By DJ & Lindsey | January 14, 2022

    As we move into 2022, both buyers and sellers are wondering, what’s next? Will there be more homes available to buy? Will prices keep climbing? How high will mortgage rates go? For the answer to those questions and more, we turn to the experts. Here’s a look at what they say we can expect in 2022. Odeta Kushi, Deputy... Read More