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Monthly Archives: August 2023

    Jacksonville Emerges as one of the Hottest Housing Markets in 2023: TOP 25 Zip Codes

    By DJ & Lindsey | August 15, 2023

    According to a recent report by Zillow Group Inc., Jacksonville, Florida has emerged as one of the hottest housing markets in 2023. The city’s strong economy, affordable housing options, and an influx of new residents have contributed to its rapid growth and increased demand for real estate. Growing Economy and Job Opportunities Jacksonville’s strong economy... Read More

    Jacksonville among TOP 5 real estate investment activity

    By DJ & Lindsey | August 1, 2023

    According to a recent report by New Western, Jacksonville’s real estate market is experiencing a significant surge in investment opportunities. The report highlights the city’s strong economic growth, favorable business climate, and attractive housing market as key factors driving this upward trend. The New Western report emphasizes Jacksonville’s robust economic development, which has been attracting... Read More

    St. Johns County to host JAXUSL soccer Facility

    By DJ & Lindsey | August 1, 2023

    JaxUSL, the organization behind Jacksonville’s new professional soccer team, has recently put forth a proposal to establish a state-of-the-art soccer complex in St. Johns County. The proposed facility aims to serve as a training ground for the team and a hub for soccer development in the region. This ambitious project has the potential to boost... Read More