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5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

new furnished kitchen in luxury home

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you do all of your cooking, it’s where everyone gathers to eat, and it’s also the room that gets dirty the fastest. These five easy tips will help organize and beautify your kitchen so that you can enjoy this special space for years to come!

Tip #1…

Always have a place for your food and kitchen tools so that they’re not just laying around on the countertops. A counter full of small appliances can sometimes seem cluttered, so if you have the cabinet space, use it! Only take out smaller appliances when they’re being used.

Tip #2…

Don’t be afraid to throw out items that you know are too old or broken. Often, it’s hard to admit when your favorite cooking spoon, pan or bowl has reached its limit. What may look normal to you, could look outdated or over used to someone else…so as hard as it may be, ditch the item and get a new one…you’ll thank us later!

Tip #3…

Create a plan for your kitchen so that it feels more organized and less cluttered! Everything should have a place in a cabinet, drawer or pantry.

Keeping your countertops as decluttered as possible, besides essentials like your coffee machine, is a major key to making your kitchen feel more open and spacious!

Tip #4…

Add pops of color with plants, appliances, or cook-ware can create an interesting design element that works well in any sized kitchen. This makes your interior design decisions seem purposeful, even if sometimes they’re not.

Consider using contrasting colors to make the kitchen stand out. A bright red stove or refrigerator is eye catching, but also consider painting your walls in a different neutral shade for contrast.

Tip #5…

For a quick and relatively easy change, start with a new backsplash. Backsplash can really make more of difference than you realize! Your kitchen will go from average, to fabulous all in a days work!

Bottom Line…

Your kitchen should be a place you love spending time in AND looking at. It should be the most efficient and enjoyable space for cooking, eating or just hanging out with family. So make sure it’s designed to meet your needs!

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