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How To Make Sure You Will Love Your Paint Choice

So you are getting ready to paint a room in your home, you head to the store and see a color you love, and you buy it on the spot! You assume it will look just as beautiful in that room and start painting, only to realize an hour in that it looks completely different in your home.

Many factors play into what paint looks like when you actually put it on your walls, and one of the most important is the lighting in that room. Paint can look completely different in fluorescent light than it does next to an open window letting in natural light. This can be a major stressor, so to avoid the headache, follow these tips next time you plan to paint a room.

First, you’ll need a poster board. Purchase a small sample size of each paint color you are considering, and paint a few shades of each color on the poster board. See how it looks once it has dried in the room you are planning to paint at various times of day in the different lighting it will have. Once you find a color you think looks great, you are going to want to do a sample paint on your walls of that color. While light plays a major role, previous paint colors and wall texture can also impact how the paint color will look, but the poster board test should get you much closer to a color that you will love.

Once you’ve been able to see the paint color on your wall at different times of day, in natural and artificial light, you can commit to painting the entire room without fear of regret.

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