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How to Sell Your Home for MORE in The Current Market

Your doorbell rings. You walk over and answer it. There are 10 people at your door with $325,000 in CASH and they’re FIGHTING for the opportunity to give it to you for your $295,000 home.

Sounds like a pipe dream… but it’s not. It’s the CURRENT STATE of the real estate market in FLORIDA.

The real estate market is a silent auction. Like any auction, the seller sets the bar at a favorable price point, hoping to entice a few buyers’ interest.  After some back and forth, you settle on a sales price, amongst other details. However, recently, we’re not seeing “a buyer or two” submitting offers on homes… we’re seeing upwards of 40 offers on some properties! 

Let us break this down further. You’re having a yard sale and you’re selling a lamp for $5. Have you ever had 40 people standing in your driveway FIGHTING for the chance to give you upwards of $10 for your $5 lamp? That sounds ridiculous, right? Well that’s what buyers are willing to do to buy your home right now!


A quick internet search will lead you towards an “instant home valuation” or a “guestimate” on your home’s current value. Now, that number is still a pretty decent assessment, however, it doesn’t correspond with the DEMAND there is for houses. It gives you a number based on things called comps or a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis). This number is solely reflective of past home sales in your area, with similar specs and some other information peppered in. But, how can an algorithm predict or guess how many HUNGRY buyers will come knocking on your door looking to move into your house? IT CAN’T.

So, why are so many sellers hitting the ‘sell it now’ button? Because since the dawn of time, selling your home has carried a stigma; an arduous task of feeling like you’re living in a ‘museum’ for weeks and even MONTHS. Your realtor has told you: “there can’t be any evidence of life in your home.”  Now, you’re unable to relax due to the off chance someone wants to come and see it. 

Ergo, the idea of a CASH offer, close to what you thought you would get anyway, seems too good to be true… guess what? It is!

What if I told you that you left behind $20k, $50k, even $100k inside the house?  You’d go back and get it, right? This is what home sellers are doing when they hit that ‘sell it now’ button!  

Currently, the real estate market has an INCREDIBLY low inventory, which is causing a BEYOND multiple offer fight! Homes are lasting an average of 11 days on the market and are, typically, selling for WELL OVER the ask price WITH multiple offers! 

So don’t leave money on the table by taking what you think is the “easy” way out.  Selling your home on the open market with a real estate agent has never been easier!

To get a TRUE home valuation by one of our agents, use our home valuation tool below!

We won’t let you leave money on the table, because we sell your house for MORE!


Find out how much MORE your house is worth!

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  • You can always hire a professional to help you in selling your home. You just have to hire the correct one. Do your own research first before approaching a professional to help you sell your home.

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