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    Pros & Cons of Adding A Fence To Your Property

    Have you been considering adding a fence to your property? Maybe you are wanting to increase your home value, or you just want a little more privacy. If you’re wondering about some of the advantages and disadvantages of adding a fence to your home, we’ve got the top contenders on both sides for you below!

    Pros of Fences

    1. Value + Appeal

    If you’re looking to define your property line and keep your little ones enclosed a little better, waist-high picket fencing could be perfect for you. If you are looking to enclose your back yard, ask an appraiser or a local real estate agent how much value a new fence will add to your home.

    2. Security

    A fence can keep both your family and others from danger. Adding a fence can ward off people who may consider entering your property for the wrong reasons, because any additional obstacle is more work for them. A fence can also prevent trespassers from putting themselves in danger if you have a pool or playground equipment.

    3. Privacy

    It can be hard to enjoy family time on your patio or in your pool if everyone on the street has a clear view of your yard.  A privacy fence can help create a private sanctuary in any neighborhood!

    4. Containment

    Concerned about letting your children and/or pets outside without having to keep an eye on their every move? A fence can help provide a safe play environment for your loved ones, keeping them inside and preventing others keeping from entering.

    Cons of Fences

    1. Maintenance

    Fences can only add value to your home if they are well-maintained. Wood fences especially require cleaning, staining, sealing or painting – and they can warp and rot over time. Consider if you would be willing to take on those tasks or the cost to hire someone to do so!

    2. Boundary Issues

    If you want one and your neighbor doesn’t, you may run into some boundary issues. You may both have legitimate reasons for your views but you should not make the investment until an agreement is made. When considering costs, you may need to add the cost of an attorney to help negotiate a compromise.

    3. Costs

    The cost of installing a fence can vary greatly depending on the materials you want to use, the height and length of the fence, the number of gates, and the market in which you live. Labor and materials can vary greatly from area to area. Start your research now to get an idea of what type of fence you would want and if you could fit it in your budget.

    4. Hassle

    Mowing or trimming along a fence can be time consuming and can do damage to the fence if you aren’t careful – especially a wooden fence. While this may not seem like a major con, it can become one if you are expecting only the pros of adding a fence!

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