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The Inside Scoop for Homeowners in Today’s Market

If not now, then when?

A lot of housing insiders have tried to convince homeowners to sell their homes. If you’ve heard this, it’s probably true. The housing market is in a cooling stage and you’re probably still wondering what does that have to do with anything? Since the pandemic the market hasn’t been how it was. Believe it or not were still in a sellers’ market, however you aren’t going to get the This means you haven’t missed out on your opportunity; the window is still open.

Set a Competitive Price

The pricing of homes has had a dramatic decline. Prime pandemic, the seller had all the power because of record low inventory. Sending buyers into bidding wars over homes. It was very tough to find a home you love for a price you deserve. The current market has cooled off, giving buyers more options. The previous market we noticed homes being sold above list price. In today’s market we are noticing price reductions and properties sitting on the market. Even though there is an increase in inventory, it still is a seller’s market. There is still room for opportunity within this market. This gives the buyers more negotiating power. The selling price needs to be competitive in the market to even have a chance. As a result, pricing your house appropriately is so important so you can catch the eyes of serious buyers.

Make Your Home Stick Out to Buyers

First impressions are always important in anything you do in life. Gaining the trust of others is always beneficial. With the way the market is today, a lot of buyers have options for homes. The size of houses for sale have grown within the year leading to new investments. The price has gone up for houses because of the interests’ rates; so, buyers will be more particular about what they buy. Making your home a standout to the competition can help you thrive in this neutralizing market.

Overall Thoughts on Today’s Market

To sum up today’s market, if you are realistic about the price, you set your home for; it should still sell quickly. The media likes to tell you one thing, but if you’re with a trusted agent they can sell your home to the perfect buyer. The pandemic was a weird time in all aspects of this world. In the real estate world, it really skyrocketed prices across the board but it’s not over yet. The interest rates are higher than before but believe it or not it’s still a sellers’ market.

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