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Inventory Crisis in Florida

February 25, 2021 By Stephanie Bennett, Action News Jax

The real estate market continues to be 🔥HOT🔥 in Northeast Florida! Lindsey chatted with Ed Dean about the inventory crisis, and ways for sellers and buyers to navigate this challenging market.


Highly competitive housing market drives real estate regrets

Buyers are making offers sight unseen and waiving contingencies to win bidding wars in the highly competitive housing market. The rush to land a home now has many regretting their home purchases. 


Buying Instead of Renting

February 25, 2021 By Stephanie Bennett, Action News Jax

NOCATEE, Fla. — The pandemic is making it harder to buy a house in Northeast Florida, according to Lindsey DellaSala with the DJ & Lindsey Realty Team. DellaSala reports some homes are selling more than $100,000 dollars above asking price. “There’s not a lot of houses out there,” buyer Christine Mason said. “We had to go up and down our budget.”


What’s in Store for the Housing Market?

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Will cooler weather and an uptick in COVID-19 cases cool Jacksonville’s hot housing market? Local real estate expert Lindsey DellaSala with the DJ & Lindsey Team joins us now to discuss what to expect this season and what the future holds for both buyers and sellers.

THE 7 do’s & don’ts of becoming a marketing powerhouse


September 28, 2020

Since DJ and Lindsey DellaSala started their real estate careers at Coldwell Banker 14 years ago, the duo’s become one of St. Augustine, Florida’s top independent real estate brokerages with $158 million in completed sales volume and $70 million in pending sales volume as of September. The duo credits their success to their marketing and creative teams, which have helped them rebrand from Ancient City Real Estate to The DJ and Lindsey Team in 2019, while building a listing strategy, virtual video tours and stunning social media posts — all while becoming a mainstay in their community.

The DellaSala’s sat down with Inman to share their top marketing do’s and don’ts for newbie brokers and agents. Here’s what they had to say: Continue Reading >

The 7 do’s and don’ts of becoming a marketing powerhouse

BY Marian McPherson

Broker-owners DJ and Lindsey DellaSalla share the top marketing mistakes they’ve made over the past 14 years and how real estate newbies can avoid them.






Buying Instead of Renting

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There are many benefits to owning a house rather than renting an apartment. You can built equity, credit and the property is yours to decorate and upgrade as you wish. Another plus to owning house is the rising rental rates. Jacksonville Realtor Lindsey Dellasalla joins us to talk about other reasons you may want to consider buying a house.

First Coast housing inventory begins to stabilize, prices still rising

By James Cannon –  Managing Editor, Jacksonville Business Journal

Jun 23, 2021

After a rapid depletion of the First Coast’s single-family housing inventory, the region has begun to stabilize during the previous three months, according to new data looking at the first half of the year.

Since the end of March, the First Coast’s weekly average of available homes on the market has remained at about 3,200 residences after a more than 60% drop in available inventory compared to the same time period before the pandemic shutdowns, according to new data from Zillow Research.

At its most recent peak — at the end of November 2019 — there were about 8,022 single-family residences available for sale. Since then, there has been a drastic reduction in inventory until mid-March where the number of available homes began to stabilize.

“There’s about one month of inventory on the market right now in the residential, single-family world,” JWB President Alex Sifakis said in a previous interview with the Business Journal. “A normal market is six months of inventory. That’s when you have an equilibrium between buyers and sellers and you would expect a normal appreciation, which would be about 4% for Jacksonville.” 

Between November and March, the amount it took for a home to sell after being listed decreased in tandem. For most of 2019, the average single-family home was on the market more than 55 days before closing, according to Zillow statistics. Since then, that time period has drastically reduced.

The average sale in the Jacksonville MSA closed in about 14 days for the week ending on May 29, for about a 75% reduction in time on the market since the recent highs of 2019, according to the data.

“You’re seeing this kind of this crazy demand for housing because of local market issues and the pandemic’s dynamics but you’re also seeing the largest untapped generation of new buyers enter the market,” said Lindsey DellaSala, realtor and owner of the DJ and Lindsey Team, in a previous interview. “It’s like a perfect storm”

Despite the recent relative stabilization inventory, prices have continued to climb at an accelerated pace.

The mean average single-family residence was about $277,000 for May, up about 6.4% since the beginning of the year, according to Zillow data.

New Inventory

The number of residential building permits issued in May is keeping pace with the record-high number of permits filed this year, signaling the housing boom is still well underway.

The number of single-family residential building permits filed in May totaled 1,376 for Clay, Duval, Nassau and St. Johns counties, up nearly 75% since the May 2020 numbers, according to the latest data from the Northeast Florida Builders Association.

The number was slightly lower in May than in April, a difference of about 30 permits — but May’s numbers were higher than any other month this year and beat all other May’s since the record was set in 2005.

Through the first five months of the year, the four counties that NEFBA tracks have issued 6,546 building permits. Compared to the first five months of 2020, this year has experienced an increase of more than 50%.

“On the supply side, if you look at how long it takes from the time someone takes a raw piece of land and entitles it and permits and builds the house, you’re looking at a minimum of two years or more — a lot more like three to four years to get significant inventory in the market,” Siffakis previously said. “There’s just no way we can get caught up, so I think it’s going to be a low-inventory environment for a minimum of the next three years and we’re going to see outsized appreciation over that time as well.”  


Home Buyers Remorse

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A recent study shows that 55% of people who bought their home during the pandemic regret it. Lindsey DellaSala with the DJ & Lindsey Team joins us to discuss how to avoid buyer’s remorse.


St. Augustine couple gives free holiday photoshoot to families

December 06, 2020 By Stephanie Bennett, Action News Jax

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — It’s something we all need more than ever this year: smiles, laughter, and holiday cheer. DJ and Lindsey DellaSala with DJ & Lindsey Real Estate went around several St. Augustine neighborhoods Saturday morning giving free photo shoots to families in their front yards.